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“Suzie Vinnick is a unique talent; a triple threat singer/songwriter/guitarist. She is emotive, joyous and funky all in the same song. Shake the Love Around is a great evolutionary step for this thoughtful and engaging artist.”

– Blues Blast Magazine

Wednesday, May 20 - 7pm - LIVE ONLINE!



A Saskatoon native transplanted to the Niagara Region of Ontario, Suzie Vinnick is the proud owner of a gorgeous voice, prodigious guitar and bass chops, and an engagingly candid performance style.

Her career has seen triumph after triumph. Among her most recent successes: being awarded the 2019 Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Special Recognition Award; being nominated for a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award for Producer of the Year with her co-producer, Mark Lalama. Suzie achieved finalist status in the Solo/Duo Category at the 2013 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN; received the 2012 CBC Saturday Night Blues Great Canadian Blues Award and the 2012 Sirius XM Canada Blues Artist of the Year. Suzie has won 10 Maple Blues Awards (she has been nominated for 21 so far!), won the 2011 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Vocalist of the Year and is a 3X Juno Nominee.

Suzie has toured nationally with Downchild, Stuart McLean’s The Vinyl Café and the John McDermott Band, and performed for Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia and the Persian Gulf. She was also the voice of Tim Horton’s for 5 years.

Suzie’s latest album is a full-band roots and blues extravaganza entitled Shake The Love Around.


Please read this info regarding the show:

- Suzie's StreetJelly link is - - you can listen to the show without signing up; simply click the link a minute or two before the show starts (it will be a photo of Suzie until the show starts)

- to chat with the other users you will need to sign up to the website

- if you'd like to contribute to Suzie, The Cooperage and River Vibes please do so via Suzie's account and not via the tokens. Suzie's Paypal link is

- if you'd like to check-out/purchase Suzie's merch please visit

- if you'd like to join Suzie's personal email list please visit here:


- StreetJelly has a FAQ page if you have any questions -

- if your screen freezes try refreshing your browser. Also, if you are having issues listening, make sure that you don't have a bunch of devices using the internet at your place as it can affect the stream of the show. Suzie lives out in the country and jokes that she has horse and buggy internet (it's kind of true..); when she does her online shows she makes sure that the concert computer is the only computer in the house using wifi so the wifi is completely dedicated to her show. You should also try to keep the programs running on your computer to a minimum as well as that can affect the stream of the show, too.

- It doesn't hurt to go on the StreetJelly site in advance of the show and check out a few of the other musicians, just to give yourself a quick test run - it's not a complicated site but some folks find it tricky to navigate. Click on the link then click on any of the photos at the top that say "LIVE" in the top right corner or "REPLAY"; when their concert comes up then click the play button - you should hear their music/see their show.

Please be well and stay safe - I look forward to singing for you again, soon.